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Apartamentów przy Warzelni
Investment Living here is being a part of a unique place, and continuing to write its history See more
Gallery A truly unique building, set in one of Warsaw's most breathtaking urban developments. See more
Location Open to everyone and comprising of residential and o ce buildings, public squares, recreational areas, as well as cafés, restaurants and shops. See more
Apartments The new centre of the capital – yet distant enough from the everyday city hustle and bustle. Close to everything, yet fresh and peaceful. Surrounded by restaurants and shops, yet in a quiet enclave. See more
360 Views See now an amazing journey to a unique place that can become your home. See more
Beautiful story In 1846, the brewery of Haberbusch and Schiele brewery was established, the largest in the Kingdom of Poland and one of the most important on the European brewing map. See more
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Live here,
where the city
has lived for

A totally new section of Krochmalna Street – a quiet and very pedestrian friendly residential street.

Enjoy the comfort of living right in the centre of the city, but also in an intimate, peaceful and multifunctional enclave. Modern apartments in close proximity to those of revitalized historical and architecture significance. Relax amongst the lush greenery of urban gardens and squares. All within the new area of the city, which continues its rich history.

Squares, Gardens, Meeting Places.