A return
to urban

Flanked by Grzybowska, Wronia and Chłodna streets, this vicinity will come alive once again.

Great care has been taken to design a locality where historic and modern architecture, private and public spaces, as well as urbanized and green areas can truly co-exist in harmony. A friendly and easily accessible part of Warsaw, where one can live and work in comfort, as well as spending time pleasantly.

Public spaces

Explore the quarter

A key part of the Warsaw Brewery, will be spacious common areas – squares, plazas, urban gardens and courtyards. About 16,000 sq.m. of civic space, accessible 24 hours per-day will be created, for everyone’s use and enjoyment. Lush, accessible, friendly, thoughtfully planned and equipped. It will be in and around these areas, that will be the quarters’ life and soul. New streets will also be constructed, including a totally new section of Krochmalna Street.

The Brewery

The Breakfast

The Malthouse

The Central

The showcase square, welcoming visitors from the direction of Grzybowska Street, it will be the essence of the atmosphere of the whole development, actively encouraging one to explore further inside.

An intimate little square, in close proximity to cafes and shops. The perfect answer to the needs and wishes of the residents and their guests of Krochmalna Street.

Similar in size to Warsaw’s Old Town Square, and situated in between The Laboratory and The Malthouse, it will be the focal point of gatherings and entertainment. Set amongst restaurants and shops, an ideal place for meeting up with friends.

A garden set on top of the Time Cellars, between the office buildings and the former Brewery Villa. An ideal place for outdoor events, picnics, or a moment of relaxation in green surroundings for those working nearby.


The rich history of the Warsaw Brewery is the foundation upon which new things will be built. To preserve the memory of the past, amongst the new modern structures the buildings from the former brewery will be meticulously renovated.

The Architecture

A coherent and well-balanced project from the prestigious and award-winning JEMS Architects. The plans were designed & created with a particular focus on comfort, freedom, preservation of natural spaces and general proportions of the whole development. The elegantly and aesthetically designed structures, with cascading-style style elevations, coupled with the careful selection of materials, ensures that the modern, harmonizes readily with the industrial and historical context.