Great things have happened
here for a long time

The Warsaw Brewery – more good things have occured
in the past in this area, than the sum total in many towns and cities.

The scent of malt was dominant in the 18th Century Wola district

A number of small artisan breweries were operating within the Wola district at that time. Historical records indicate, that on only one street, Grzybowska, within 45 brick houses, manor and wooden houses, there were as many as 10 breweries.

In the plot occupied by today’s Warsaw Brewery, on 61 Krochmalna Street, The Stencel Brewery was active until the late 18th century. In the first half of the 19th century, small wooden buildings belonging to the Ludwik Suchocki brewery were erected in the north-east area of the present site. The site in which the famous Haberbusch & Schiele brewery later evolved, was within a neighbourhood with a very long brewing tradition. Discovered within the deep foundations of today’s brewery buildings are artefacts and fragments pointing to an even older presence of brewery buildings on this site.