Great things have happened
here for a long time

The Warsaw Brewery – more good things have occured
in the past in this area, than the sum total in many towns and cities.

The mere existence of the brewery laboratory, simply demonstrates the emphasis on the quality of production and scientific advancement that the factory owners believed in. How important was the institution, you can find out from the press, which in 1906 reported the brewery’s links with the most brilliant minds of the time:

“The Haberbusch & Schiele brewery is under dual external quality control – and this does not include their own bacteriological facilities, which are a vital element of the factory”. The brewery was monitored by the Warsaw Brewers chemistry institute; and then secondly, by the Copenhagen chemist, a most distinguished specialist “Jörgensen, the successor of the famous Hansen, the brightest of all of Pasteur’s pupils, who was the first to succeed in dividing the yeast cell. […]

Production is on the up and up , and is in-step and hand in hand, with theory and practice, with science, and with the highest demands of hygiene and progress”.

The Laboratory building it self was built around 1827. Originally it was a one-storey dwelling belonging to the Ludwik Suchocki brewery. The building was adjacent to the malthouse – the oldest, remaining part of the old brewery. During the expansion in 1884, a floor was added to the laboratory building, and the elevation changed to more of a French architectural – which has survived to this day.