Great things have happened
here for a long time

The Warsaw Brewery – more good things have occured
in the past in this area, than the sum total in many towns and cities.

The first beer-gardens in Warsaw and celebrity advertising

At the beginning, the Haberbusch & Schiele brewery was having problems with sales. At that time, the people of Warsaw were not accustomed to dark, strong Bavarian beers. So, the entrepreneurs started to market their products. Advertisements praising the beer produced at Grzybowska Street began to appear in the press. What’s more, this amber nectar could be tried not only at home or in stuffy beer houses, but also in the beer gardens, to which Warsaw residents became quickly accustomed to.

In the vicinity was a famous place at No. 2 Sienna Street known as the „Bar Artystyczny Pod Wiechą”. “Werecommend draught beer in glasses from the Haberbusch & Schiele brewery: Pilsner, lager and Kulmbach”- encourage the advertisements. The grandchildren of the founding fathers, in addition to maintaining the high quality of the products, were also increasingly using promotion. In the 1930’s, they ran a very original form of brand advertising – Celebrity Endorsement.

Jeanne Florentine Bourgeois, known as Mistinguett – the then star of the time, an actress and singer was the best-paid artiste in the world, and her performances were in popular demand by all theaters and music halls. No wonder that her arrival in Warsaw in 1936 created a real sensation. Even more so, when the French star, became the “face” of the brewery, and even appeared in posters advertising the beer.