Great things have happened
here for a long time

The Warsaw Brewery – more good things have occured
in the past in this area, than the sum total in many towns and cities.

The average wage of employees at Haberbusch & Schiele was higher than at other establishments within the industry. In addition, employees could count on many more benefits: they were insured in-case of accidents, allowed to use the baths, eat in the canteens, make use of outpatient clinics, surgeons’ assistance and chemists. Moreover, the employees had access to social welfare and of course holiday facilities in the town of Jabłonna. The owners of the brewery also took great care in the development and nurturing of future staff. At 37 Chłodna Street, they established a non-fee paying brewery school. What’s more, anyone who knew how to read – could use the free reading room located at 22 Krochmalna Street.

Children were also not forgotten. At the exit from the brewery there was a small side building, the so-called “protection room” (nowadays we would call this – a company nursery school or crèche) for the use of seventy children of the brewery workers: “They learn here, they have fun in the garden, they are provided with baths and cleanliness and gain knowledge and respect for basic hygiene rules”.

The innovative work methods of the owners sometimes “inspired” the employees themselves. The most effective method at those times – was a strike. In January and February of 1905, on a wave of general workers discontent, nearly all of the employees – 170 – at the brewery protested. The heaviest strikes in the summer of 1906 included not only the Haberbusch & Schiele factory, but all of the other Warsaw breweries. Protestors ultimately achieved a lot of success in these years: namely shorter working hours and higher wages.