Great things have happened
here for a long time

The Warsaw Brewery – more good things have occured
in the past in this area, than the sum total in many towns and cities.

The genealogy of the Warsaw Brewers

Who were the founders of these legendary breweries, who from scratch created a huge company, and contributed greatly to the further development of the brewing industry in Warsaw? Konstanty Edward Schiele (1817–1886) was born in Warsaw, and was the son of horse-drawn carriage manufacturer Burchard Schiele, a native of Reuss. He apprenticed at the Schöffer brewery, and there he met brew-master Błażej Haberbusch (1806–1878). Haberbusch came to Warsaw from Germany to produce Bavarian types of beer. Henryk Klawe, their father-in-law, arrived in Warsaw in 1811 from a small town in Pomerania. He was the proprietor of a bakery, and in later years, became a senior fellow in the Warsaw Bakers Guild.

They were not only linked by their German descent, nor simply by family ties (the elder daughter – Anna Maria Klawe, married Haberbusch, and the younger – Dorota, married Schiele), but also through the Evangelical-Augsburg creed. From the outset, they ran the company as a family business, passing it down from father to son. Even the subsequent transformations and development of the business into a huge joint stock company did not alter the core family values.

And so: in 1866 Klawe’s symbolic involvement with the company came to an end, when the father-in-law retired from active participation, and his share was taken over by his sons-in-law. Eleven years later, in 1877, one year before his death, Błażej Haberbusch, passed his shares in the company to his three sons, Henryk, Karol and Aleksander, and in 1886 the second generation of Schieles’: Feliks, Kazimierz, Ludwik and Karol joined the brewery.

In 1908, the last Haberbusch family member Karol passed away. Despite the fact of having no heirs, the name Haberbusch remained a part of the company. Jan Patzer, married Karol Haberbusch’s niece, and became a family board member, while Kazimierz Schiele became the President of the company. During the interwar years, the subsequent members of both families sat on the board of directors and executive board. The last President before the war was Jan Patzer. The last of the Schieles, who tied their future and fate to the post-war brewery was Aleksander – who took an active part in the reconstruction of the plant.