Great things have happened
here for a long time

The Warsaw Brewery – more good things have occured
in the past in this area, than the sum total in many towns and cities.

Under the management of the next generation, the Haberbusch & Schiele Steam Brewery Ltd., merged with the Steam Association brewery of W. Kijok and Company. The press described the new entity in sheer superlatives :

“In these vast areas, the toil and effort proceeds apace. […] A few hundred workers under the leadership of skilled brew masters, quench the thirst of tens of thousands of throats with excellent Pilsner, Bavarian and Kulmbach beers, produced from the finest ingredients, purchased direct from suppliers […]”

The numbers speak for themselves: 
…The annual output is 800,000 buckets.
…Bottle beer alone accounts for some 8 million bottles a year. 
…excise duty paid in a year was 170 thousand roubles. 
…200 workers are employed at the brewery.
…The space occupied by the brewery is around to 60,000 cubits, not including the buildings on Wronia Street, where the stables, workshops, blacksmith, carpenter etc. are located”.

The brewery also owned 60 drays and 5 goods vehicles, which created a sensation on the streets of Warsaw, as well as an extensive fleet of railway wagons, that distributed beer to all corners of the country. In addition, a special dark variety of beer – Kulmbach Black was delivered all the way to the Caucasus and even the Far East!