Great things have happened
here for a long time

The Warsaw Brewery – more good things have occured
in the past in this area, than the sum total in many towns and cities.

Błażej Haberbusch, a Munich-based Bavarian beer expert, and Konstanty Edward Schiele, formerly employed in horse-drawn coach production, met at the Schoffer & Glimpf brewery, which was based on Krochmalna Street in Warsaw’s Wola district. It was a small establishment, which, like many other breweries in the neighbourhood, was producing artisan dark beers. The two were also related, by the fact that they married two sisters – Anna Maria and Dorota Klawe, the daughters of Henryk Klawe, the proprietor of a popular bakery on Marszałkowska street.

In 1846, when the “Schöffer & Glimpf” brewery buildings were to be auctioned off by the Polish National Bank, Haberbusch and Schiele felt that this was their chance. They persuaded their father-in-law to join their company and together they bought the brewery – their former place of work, for the princely sum of 24,000 Polish złotych.

The old brewery specialized exclusively in porter beers and employed only 20 workers, but with the new owners, this was soon to change. The start of Pilsner & Bavarian beer production, was also the start of prosperity and lore of this place. During the first years of production, an average of 20 thousand brewers’ buckets (125 litres) of beer were produced. Or in other words, 2,500 hectolitres.  The popular beer from Haberbusch, Schiele & Klawe, was soon nicknamed (presumably to make it easier to say) “Oberwus, Szelma and Kulawy”.